Sunday 11 April 2010

Skeptic Trumps: Penn & Teller

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Dave Sparrow said...

I went to see their show last time I was in Vegas. Highly recommended.

I think they're fairly brave to include a piece about religion/bullshit in their magic show, considering they are performing in America. I half expected some heckling, which would have been hilarious as I have no doubt that Penn would have seriously put a heckler in his place.

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

Who would dare to heckle a man-mountain who catches bullets with his teeth?!

Dave Sparrow said...

The bullet trick (the show finale) is outstanding. An off-duty cop sat in the seat directly in front of me was asked to help with examining the gun/cartridge etc. and afterwards he was totally bemused. What's more, even if he was in on it, I STILL can't figure out how they do it !

Ariel said...

in love them... but why did you have to make it look like teller is taking it up the pooper from penn while he makes his oh face?

butch leitz said...

I've seen 'em a couple times in vegas now & enjoyed them both times. Tight social commentary embedded in scam artistry. Even when they show how they do the trick, they scam you.

Hang out afterwards and they're usually cool to talk to... I had a nice chat with the normally quiet Teller off stage about that "thousands of bees" stunt they did (once) live on Letterman. Teller confided: it was no stunt. They got stung a dozen times each.