Friday, 16 July 2010

The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense

I thought I'd try and apply the rational to the irrational, and came up with this.

Click image to access the interactive table
Version 2.1

Since originally posting the periodic table of irrational nonsense I have had a number of requests to reproduce the table in different languages and perhaps a sanitised version suitable for schools, so here are a few alternative versions:

Sanitised English Version

German Version

Das Periodensystem des irrationalen Unsinns

Kindly translated by Ingo Leschnewsky

Spanish Version
La tabla periódica de las tonterías irracionales
Kindly translated by Fernando L. Frías

Dutch Version
De Periodieke Tabel van Irrationele Nonsens

kindly translated by Herman Boel

Greek Versions
Ο Περιοδικός Πίνακας των Αλλόκοτων Αντιλήψεων
created by Evan T based on my original table

Brazilian Portuguese VersionKindly translated by Antonio Caldas


I've also received numerous requests to make the design available on T-Shirts and posters. I initially uploaded the T-Shirt design to RedBubble and CafePress. The Red Bubble T-Shirts came out really well (I ordered one myself), but I got dissapointing feedback from teh CafePress T-Shirts.

Here's a close up of my RedBubble T-Shirt:

I have now removed the T-Shirts from CafePress and made a few tweaks to the design on RedBubble. (I've increased the font size slightly, removed the shadow text effect and made the colour contrast on the key more distinct), so they should be even better now. I've also uploaded a design with white text that can be printed on a dark T-Shirt.

Or the original Light T-Shirt design:

The posters are still available on CafePress, as I have received only positive feedback comments from people who have ordered the posters:
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