Wednesday 28 December 2016

2016: I’ve had better Years

2016 has not been the best year. The horror in Syria has provided a poignant and chilling backdrop to a year that has seen the politics of misinformation and fear trump humanity and reason. The tabloid media has successfully ensured that the divisive populist opinions they encourage now hold sway over expert opinion and empirical evidence. In the US and the UK Trump and Farage have successfully rode this tide of misinformation, opinion and fear. Meanwhile an epic cast of personalities have fallen around us. Oh, and 2016 was also the year I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I’ve definitely had better years, and I’m determined I will have better again.

In case your struggling with some of the faces on the image, here’s a quick key:

1.     Fidel Castro
2.     Gene Wilder
3.     Leonard Cohen
4.     Jimmy Bain
5.     Harper Lee
6.     George Michael
7.     Paul Daniels
8.     George Martin
9.     Keith Emerson
10.  Burt Kwouk
11.  Pete Burns
12.  Merle Haggard
13.  David Gest
14.  Caroline Aherne
15.  Carla Lane
16.  Garry Shandling
17.  Andrew Sachs
18.  Henry McCullough
19.  Frank Finlay
20.  Jean Alexander
21.  Jimmy Perry
22.  John Glenn
23.  Glenn Frey
24.  Terry Wogan
25.  Jimmy Young
26.  Zsa Zsa Gabor
27.  Cliff Mitchelmore
28.  Peter Vaughan
29.  Rick Parfitt
30.  Umberto Eco
31.  Prince
32.  Lionel Blue
33.  Natalie Cole
34.  Kenny Baker
35.  Frank Kelly
36.  Carrie Fisher
37. Debbie Reynolds
38.  Dan Haggerty
39.  Muhammad Ali
  40. Ronnie Corbett
41.  Richard Adams
42.  Howard Marks
43.  Alan Rickman
44.  Victoria Wood
45.  Liz Smith
46.  Greg Lake
47.  David Bowie
48.  Jo Cox
49.  Robert Vaughn
50.  Vera Rubin

   Hoping we all have a better 2017,
   Crispian Jago.

   Image updated 30/12/16