Monday 20 May 2013

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Today (20th May), is Everybody DrawMohammed Day – so here are my pathetic attempts:

Now then, now then

Moses, Christ and Mohammed on a bike

If you fear your faith, and the faith you wish to impose on others, may not necessarily stand up to unpalatable criticism, then a popular option is to censor any ideas that you suspect might challenge that faith. Of course this doesn’t just apply to Islam.

When it could, and where it still can in some parts of the world, faith happily propagated itself with unquestionable brutality. Where the religious grip has loosened, it seeks alternative methods.

This may take on many forms. Religious parents may stop their children reading certain books, or listening to certain music. They may send notes to their children’s teachers to excuse them from eye-opening multicultural school visits to places of worship alien to their own particular faith. In short, religious fundamentalist desire to blind others to ideas, thoughts and opinions that look at their faith from a different perspective.

Such censorship can be easily applied within the family unit, but where it cannot be applied directly, faiths will resort to either claiming offence and oppression or in extreme cases, use threats and violence to try and impose their illegitimate censorships on the wide community.

Unreasonable faith survives under the protection of ignorance and censorship. We should not kowtow to the whining false claims of oppression or the heinous threats of violence.

Help breakdown the acceptance of this illiberal censorship by refusing to comply with nonsensical religious dogmas. Blaspheme, lie in on a Sunday morning, eat a bacon sandwich and draw a picture of Mohammed and stick it on your Facebook wall..

NB. If you would like a weekly fix of only slightly better drawn, but far more profound, Mohammed cartoons, I highly recommend a visit to Jesus & Mo. (on which I have shamelessly based my attempts).

Here's the other Mohammed's I have been sent so far today...

My attempt #everybodydrawmohammed QT @Crispian_Jago: Everybody Draw Mohammed Day…

Am I doing #EverybodyDrawMohammed right? (cc @Crispian_Jago)

@Crispian_Jago I really cannot draw so this is the best I can do. Sorry!


.@Crispian_Jago Here we go -… - I have made him all smiley and nice so that no-one could possibly take offence.

@Crispian_Jago DMD day!

@Crispian_Jago As I can only draw one thing, here's my attempt.

I've decided to join in with Everybody Draw Mohammed Day as @Crispian_Jago has mentioned it once or twice.

Saturday 4 May 2013

Where's Bigfoot: A Beginners Guide to Cryptozoology

Cryptozoology is a tricky old skill to master. Formal training in taxonomy, biology, natural history and even zoology is of no use whatsoever to the budding young cryptozoologist. Indeed, even watching a complete box set of David Attenborough DVD's will not help hone the more peculiar talents needed for this fascinating discipline.

In order to discover creatures hitherto rejected by pedantic conventional science, a whole new skill-set is required. Key aptitudes include the amateur misidentification of dead animals in an unfamiliar state of decay and the uncanny ability to be easily be hoaxed by enterprising moron baiters.

Therefore for any younger readers wishing to embark on a credulous career in cryptid spotting I would highly recommend scanning the the following images I have prepared to help you get your eye in.

Where's Bigfoot?

Where's Nessie?

Where's Chupacabra?

Where's Montauk Monster?

Well done if you managed to spot them all, you're well on your way to becoming a leading cryptozoologist.

And of course, remember the cryptozoologist primary maxim: "If it looks like a man in a monkey suit, and walks like a man in a monkey suit, it probably is a new species of hominid previously unknown to science."