Sunday 10 March 2013

The Multi-Faith Blasphemy Generator

Blasphemy as we know, is a truly victimless crime, and contrary to popular belief is both big and indeed, clever.

However, in this multicultural society in which we live, we should be careful to ensure we embrace multi-faith blaspheming rather than simply blaspheming in the faith relevant to our particular cultural heritage.

I have therefore created the multi-faith blasphemer that will help ensure your verbal outbursts correctly address a wide variety of deities.


Anonymous said...

There are great ones like:
Wanking Neptune's tits
Bollock naked Ganesha bum tickler
arse sniffing Yaweh spanker

but the truly fantastic ones are like these:
Steaming Zeus jugs
Disco dancing Odin on a bike
Bald Hades on a moped

Anonymous said...

Deep fried Jesus H. Christ spunk

Anonymous said...

I chuckled heartily at "Yodeling Moses in Asda"

chris said...

Teabagging Ganesha basher Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

"Hairy-arsed Allah on toast"


Anonymous said...

Choir-boy molesting magnificence !

Anonymous said...

Win: Juggling Yaweh's crusty jizz sock

utopicbalcanic said...

Sweet Mary mother of Ganesha's crusty jizz sock!

Anonymous said...

Got this gem on my first try:

Colossal Mohammed on a moped

R. Talmadge Lacy said...

the fact that ALL of them are funnier when you remove the religious reference :
Wanking tits
Bollock naked bum tickler
arse sniffing spanker
Steaming jugs
Disco dancing on a bike
Bald on a moped
Deep fried spunk
Yodeling in Asda
Teabagging basher!
Hairy-arsed on toast

Sweaty bollocked fart catcher

Anonymous said...

Disco dancing Flying Spaghetti Monster spanker...This may be the only place on earth where Pastafarianism is given equal representation among other world religions.

Anonymous said...

Fudge packing Zeus in heaven

Unknown said...

I copied your program (I did add references to this website/page). My version allows a more wide usage, also it's Open Source. (The Random Blasphemy tool on that page obviously).
It will go in to the task bar. It's pretty easy to use, just press Ctrl-Alt-V to paste a random blasphemy phrase anywhere, great for gamers. Oh and the .Net framework 4.5 needs to be installed, or it'll crash on startup.

Andrea said...

@Mr. Lacy that's what makes it so useful; insert religious icon here.......mix and match

Anonymous said...

You had me at "Holy Moses cock tickler"