Thursday 15 April 2010

Skeptic Trumps: Jon Ronson

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Michael Kingsford Gray said...

Never heard of the Dude.
I'm guessing that is my loss.
Am I able to connect with his noble output here in South Australia?

Crispian Jago said...


It is indeed your loss. I recomend starting with Jon's book:

Them: Adventures with extremists

available in all good on-line retailers

Hairhead said...

Hey, you've missed out Pat Condell!

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

I shall attempt to obtain his tome.
But yes! Pat Condell would be the trump-card for another series.

I feel a business coming on.

No, you galah: a money-making enterprise.
Not *that* kind of 'business'.
Bloody hell, you Poms are all the same.