Thursday 1 April 2010

BCA Press Statement

Following Simon’s Singh’s successful appeal in the judgement handed down this morning he will now be able to defend his statements on Chiropractic treatment published in the Guardian as fair comment.

The BCA have already issued a press statement and chosen their preferred excuse for the clumsy predicament they now find themselves in.

Although I fully expected the BCA to role with:

"The dog ate the right to reply I was going to publish in the Guardian."

As you can see, they opted instead for:

"A big boy told me to do it."


Chris (from Oz) said...

Note that their press release is not only for us skeptics and such. It also is for the chiropractors who let the BCA represent them.

The BCA are telling their members - hey, don't blame us for 25% of you facing inquiries, and for all the bad publicity against chiropractors now. Blame the lawyers!!

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

Your, (Sir Crispian), observation sums up the legal situation exceedingly succinctly.
Still, one could not expect the BCA to admit to reality nor truth. Such would be out of character.