Sunday 18 October 2009

Simpsons Skeptics: Video Edition

Nothing new I'm afraid, just a lazy reworking of my Simpsons Skeptic cards to stick on YouTube. I know there's loads of people I've missed out, but nonetheless it should be a useful introduction to 50 of the most prominent individuals in today's Skeptical movement.

Original cards available here and here


TK said...

What the hell is that sound track?

Nash said...

Tom Sawyer by Rush

Oddtwang said...

Rush - I only know that because it turns up in an episode of Futurama.

Is it just me or did a couple of typos sneak in there? Sure I saw "dislaikes".

Nash said...

More Rush

TK said...

Ah yes, Rush, My cousin likes them. He's quite strange.

Unknown said...

Very good, Crispian. Shared on FriendFeed

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

If I could only get it together to do something 1% as awesome.

Tim Minchin's weapon of choice is not "Stom", nor is Andy Lewis' "The Posotive Internet Company".
Slips which I might have made, had I been force-fed enough pints of John Smith's Magnet, or Newcastle Brown!

Anonymous said...

The typos are deliberate; indeed, more than deliberate. You will see that the wrongly spelt words, when put together, tell us exactly what Mr Jago thinks of scepticism.

Very clever and subtle, Mr Jago!