Friday 2 October 2009

The Pod Delusion: Episode 3 (New Labour, New Atheists, New TV, New Apps)

I’ve just listened to episode 3 of the Pod Delusion and I reckon it’s the best one yet, I think I might have to up my game a bit in order to stay on the team with these guys. In this weeks Pod Delusion:

  1. Will Howells takes a closer look at Gordon Brown’s keynote conference speech at the Labour Party conference
  2. Simon Howard examines Andy Burnham’s labour party conference speech on hospital parking fees
  3. Tom Morris rips apart Andrew Brown’s recent poor Guardian article attempting to establish a link between the middle classes and the “new” Atheists.
  4. Duncan Stephen investigates this weeks freeview retuning, and reminds us off the sort of shite we can enjoy on freeview
  5. I simply rehashed my iWoo blog and conducted a more detailed review of some iRrational iPhone Apps

And as usual it’s all neatly sewn together by James O’Malley.

You can now download and subscribe from iTunes (Just search the iTunes store for the “Pod Delusion” or listen from here:

iTunes review would be greatly appreciated.

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