Friday, 21 August 2009

Simpsons Top Trumps: Skeptics Edition

This blog was prompted by a text message from Jack of Kent daring me to write it.

So, here’s another batch of top trumps, this time inspired by the Simpsons, but skeptically themed. You probably can’t read the text on the card so click each one to expand them.

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Thanks to Twitter, Wikipedia &

My original list had over 100 great names sceptics, which I whittled down to 52. However, to make the task a tad more manageable I have restricted myself to 26 cards. So apologies for those I’ve missed out, but if it proved popular, there will be no problem in knocking up another batch. Also, I suppose this goes without saying, so regardless of the content of the individual cards, I have massive respect for all the sceptics featured.

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