Friday 11 September 2009

God Was Never On Your Side

Regardless of your particular religous persuasion, I'll wager that god was never on your side ...


Music used WITHOUT kind permission


Psiloiordinary said...


Let the sword of reason shine!



LucyInDisguise said...

Just a note to let you know that this post, more than any other I've read so far, convinced me to add your blog to my RSS reader.

Well Done!


Crispian Jago said...

Psiloiordinary, Jourdemayne, Lucy

Anonymous said...

I Just found your blog! I am a Skeptic Dad, and an Atheist trying to raise up a great kid in this nonsense world, I live in Mexico with lots of Catholics and Guadalupanos (followers of the virgin Mary), I also have my blog where I attack quackery and mock religion!, but its in Spanish! nice keep up the good work!

Jeferson Arenzon said...

Amazing! I just put a link to it (also without kind permission) in our (portuguese) skeptical blog:

mymatedave said...

Excellent vidding, keep up the good work.

Jack of Kent said...

Of all your excellent stuff, this remains my favourite.

Anonymous said...

That was just....great! This should be played in every church.

Unknown said...

On the contrary. If there is a God, according to the bible he is on our side - literally. He might be standing side by side with an atheist or a christian but he is there. Reaching out to each individual.

How do I know? I don't. What I do know is the evidence of my Christian friends' lives. They lead happier and more fulfilled lives, suffused with meaning and when bad things happen they deal with them better.

I know someone will respond "I'm alright, I'm fine without God". But are you really? Or are you pushing something down, pushing something away?

If there is a God - then this song is so wrong and is written by someone who is deeply wounded. God is on your side. Try him - you might not be able to scientifically explain it but you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, just as many people turn TO faith because they are wounded.

When people hurt and confused, they don't always think clearly and may seriously entertain beliefs that would sound crazy at any other time.

Atheists who LOSE their faith usually turn back to it after the crisis is over. Those who GIVE IT UP as an absurd exercise in self-deception rarely go back. They usually feel RELIEVED, as if faith was an onerous burden.

And it is! Religious faith is like a child, needing constant reassurance. Only dogmatic beliefs need this; those based on facts stand on their own merits. They explain, rather than NEEDING an explanation.

There's a good reason you don't hear congregations of biologists shouting out affirmations of evolution. Beliefs that exist for a GOOD reason don't need that.

Guadalupe Munguia said...

Clap, clap, clap...Good was never on our side because he just not exist.

I´m also a mexican and found your blog, looking for some humorous images to include on one of my blogs about fibromialgy (is in spanish)... I recently heard that I got that syndrom because I was so far from God(!!!)

Well, hehehe, as a proof of "his" existence is not very good isn´t it? Hahahaha

Anyway, congratulations and I became one of your followers..despite my very rusty english

Anonymous said...

Is it strange to believe in evolution and believe in a higher-power? Is it odd to not believe the Bible is true from verse to verse, but see in it men trying to form a pattern so the mind can understand something it's limits will not allow, but they sense all around them? Is it illogical to see all of Existence as greater than myself, alive and aware? Is it foolish to believe that I am accountable for my actions to the future? Or that it's a small miracle that the atomic structure of all things is too chaotic to produce such a grand symphony as this vast Universe, and yet it is playing along so beautifully? As blind faith is no crown to the intellect, baseless, crass cynicism, and crude mockery of sincere human yearning is also no compliment to the critically thinking mind. It may be true that 'God' is not on any particular person's/group's side, but, it may be true that our existence indicates something is helping us all. Closed minds are stagnant minds:) The energy you invest in closing your mind to keep your dogma unchallenged, is inversely proportionate to the actual trust you have in that dogma. So much happier is the mind that can thrive on the richness of faith and science.