Saturday 29 August 2009

Simpsons Skeptics Update

WARNING – This post contains no satirical comment

I posted my Simpsons Top Trumps – Skeptics Edition, last week just before buggering off on holiday. Since then they have received over 50,000 page views (According to Google Analytics), so I have been rather frustrated that I have not been able to correct a few problems with them until today.

The following updates have now been made:

  • The 2 spelling mistakes on Velma Dinkley’s card have been corrected
  • Adam Savage has had his special powers enhanced
  • The spelling of Penn Jillette’s twitter account has been corrected
  • David Colquhoun has been given his distinctive pipe
  • Changed Steven Novella's Arch Nemesis
  • Phil Plait now has a nice NASA logo on his cap

I have also just about decided on the next 26 skeptics that will make up the full deck of 52 cards. But I’m not telling you who they are yet. Check back in about a week to see if I’ve managed to get around to doing it.

Let me know if you have any more comments or suggestions for the next batch.

Also, does anyone know of the legal implications of printing and selling the cards at TAM London (proceeds to JREF)? If only I knew a sceptical lawyer.


Rabbitpirate said...

Put me down for a pack if you can legally sell them.

bellaboo said...

couldn't you "give" them to people who make a JREF donation?