Monday, 30 August 2010

Modern Science Map

500 Years of Science, Reason & Critical Thinking via the medium of gross over simplification, dodgy demarcation, glaring omission and a very tiny font.

The map of modern science was created to celebrate the achievements of the scientific method through the age of reason, the enlightenment and modernity.
Despite many of the scientific disciplines mapped having more ancient origins, I have restricted the map to modern science starting from the 16th century scientific revolution.

The map primarily includes modern scientists who have made significant advances to our understanding of the world, however I have also included many present day scientists who fuel a passion for, and advances in, science through communication and science popularisation.

Click the image below to open Version 2.1 of my html Science Map, you will then be able to pan around the map and click on the scientists for more information.

Postscript (4th Sept 2010):

As I mentioned in the comments field myself, many thanks for all the comments and suggestions for improvements.

I must confess it is a little perverse that a jumped up IT consultant should wield the casting vote on which scientists get on my map. So whilst I have endeavoured to make it the best and most relevant list I can, it is still however my personal, and admittedly rather arbitrary selection.

I have now up issued the map to version 1.0 as I am now reasonably confident I have included most of the key scientists of this period. I do however accept that I could make further improvements. For example I'm considering splitting computing from mathematics and I have had some sensible suggestion for reorganising and splitting the chemistry and micro-biology lines.

In the mean time, thanks for all the comments, tweets and links, and if you could link back to this original post rather than just posting a static snapshot that will go out of date, that would be most appreciated.



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Rob said...

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kepçe kulak ameliyatı said...

Interesting that the entries seem to be due to contribution to their respective fields up until modernity where it seems to switch to popularisers of science.
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Fue Saç Ekimi said...

And so good love it.

fuesacekimi said...

Everything begins with believing.

Dani said...

You should put Sir Paul Nurse on there or am I just not seeing him?

Unknown said...

In addition to Harry Beck, Simon Patterson deserves a nod here, no?Diş Beyazlatma

Op Dr Ali Mezdeği said...

Absolutely fantastic! Could you also include dates of discoveries/innovations of note? Furthermore, could a similar chart be made involving the arts?saç ekimi öncesi ve sonrasi

GreenTech Patent Agent said...

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arna11420 said...

Great map! You missed Milutin Milankovic, though.

Unknown said...

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