Sunday, 24 July 2011

More Videos Demonstrating How Homeopathy Doesn't Work

Some of you may recall that just under a couple of years ago I posted a short video on this blog entitled: If Homeopathy Works … I'll Drink My Own Piss.

I received a comment on YouTube about that video today from powerm1985, and a link to some of his own videos. After checking them out, I wanted to share them here, so here's a few more videos demonstrating why homeopathy is a big bag of bollocks:

First, "Proving Homeopathy Wrong In Your Kitchen", is a great little science experiment that demonstrates that there is NOTHING in homeopathic remedies:

And, this Bleach drinking video is very reminiscent of my own piss drinking video, although I'm told it was made prior to seeing my video, so I'll put it down to great minds thinking alike.

Incidentally when I planned my original video I was intending to use bleach, but changed to piddle at the last minute as I thought drinking piss was slightly more amusing than bleach.

BTW, There lots more great science videos on his YouTube Channel, well worth checking out. I couldn't help but notice use of a sonic screwdriver at one point too.
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