Saturday, 28 May 2011

European Union Irrational Nonsense Labelling Regulations

New European Union labelling directives will soon ensure that individuals irresponsibly promoting potentially harmful misinformation will need to be clearly labelled. 

The directive will require the clear identification of individuals who endorse ideas and information based on potentially harmful and unproven pseudoscientific concepts or supernatural beliefs.

In order to comply with the regulations, Science, Reason and Critical thinking has developed the “Woo Woo Wheel”.  

The Woo Woo Wheel will enable consumers to immediately and clearly identify the key irrational nonsense content of each individual at a glance.

The Woo Woo Wheel is divided into 5 segments coloured in either red, amber or green to denote the level of danger for each of the 5 segments:
  • Harm Potential: Identifies the potential level of harm that could be caused by uncritically accepting the misinformation espoused by the individual.
  • Influence: Identifies the influential power or perceived authority of the individual
  • Conscious Con-Artist: Identifies whether the individual knowingly deceives or promotes false information for financial gain or ideological reasons
  • Supernatural Delusions: Identifies whether the individuals information is likely to be based on indoctrinated supernatural or superstitious traditions rather than unbiased, rational and reasoned inquiry
  • Pseudo-Scientific: Identifies whether the individuals information is likely to be based on pseudoscientific beliefs not consistently demonstrable by the scientific method
As an example of I have picked some notable enemies of reason and clearly labelled them with the Woo Woo Wheel

You get the idea. Feel free to send me any un-labelled enemies of reason you spot, and I’ll be happy to slap a label on them.

Hat tip to @Zeno001 for pointing me in the general direction of inspiration.
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