Tuesday 23 June 2009

Reason by Richard Dawkins

In my previous post (Python Plagiarising for Singh – Part 2), I used the line:

CHIRO #1: I don't want to talk to you no more, you placebo controlled double blind clinical trial conductor! I crack bones in your general direction! Your Stephen Fry is a rationalist and your Dawkins smells of reason.

Well, just to clear things up…….

NB The antidote to “Reason” is here


Carmen D'Cruz said...

Smells like geek spirit

Le Canard Noir said...

Mmmm. Edzard's Eau de Evidence (French accent required)

Crispian Jago said...

Carmen, boom boom

Le Carnard Noir, don't tempt me, I could do a whole collection

Svetlana Pertsovich said...

WOW!!!! He's done it!!! :) :D

Down with wicked odour of quackery aromatherapy!

Viva fresh, clear and lovely smell of real Reason!

Yep! This perfume really smells good! :)

Dale Williams said...

I'm buying loads, I don't want to run out of Reason.
And don't let the antiwaxxers hear about it...

Crispian Jago said...

Svetlana, Dale, Mully

Thanks for the comments. much appreciated

Mariana Soffer said...

Excelent post!
taking placebos is so uncool that if its you boyfriend you should left him at least untill he dares to take a real chemical enhancer,

obsessivenormalcy said...

I just about laughed so hard I cried! The Complete absurdity of this... a Dawkins-inspired perfume... XD Just imagine his face on a flyer, next to advertisements for scents invoking Britney Spearses and Sarah Jessica Parkers. Imagine the television commercials for the product: a sultry, heavily-accented voice whispers "this summer, smell sexy, ... intelligent, ... reasonable..."

In all seriousness, though, scents for rationalist women isn't a half bad idea. I'd much rather smell like Ariane Sherine than Miley Cyrus.

David Munn said...

Dawkins is no doubt a great mind, but not without irrationality. I don't believe anyone has ever provided empirical evidence for the existence of randomness. The idea that something can be truly random contradicts the law of cause and effect. Randomness it would appear is Richard Dawkins' imaginary friend. For my money Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, though a mystic and believer in God, had a better grasp on the holistic picture of how evolution works. Irrational beliefs and the capacity for reason can and do coexist in some cases.