Wednesday 24 June 2009

BULLSHIT by Jenny McCarthy

Yesterday’s post on the critically thinking new scent from Richard Dawkins was awfully well received, but I thought I’d best redress the balance. For those who do not like to give off an air of enlightened scientific understanding, I have come up with an alternative fragrance...

As seen on Oprah Winfrey

Let everyone know you’re a credulous fuckwit who will believe any old bollocks by generously dowsing yourself with the unsubtle and misinformed pungent stench of Bullshit by Jenny McCarthy.


Neuroskeptic said...

I assume the bulls were fed only on 100% natural, mercury-free grass?

Dale Williams said...

Gaaahh! created perfume in my blog as a homage to your Dawkins one the saw you'd only gone and done this one too. I bow to the master.

My career in cosmetics is over.

Derek Bartholomaus said...

Nice! BTW, thanks for the link.

Derek Bartholomaus