Friday 26 June 2009

Are Plait & Wiseman really evil twins?

I couldn’t help but notice that Phil Plait always refers to Richard Wiseman as his evil twin.

Well I have to confess to being a little bit sceptical of that claim, so I decided to do a little investigation to determine the truth behind this seemingly outlandish claim. After a little digging around on the internet, much to my amazement I discovered that the crazy skeptic twins did actually both feature in Stanley Kubricks 1980 cinematic version of the Shining, where they played the parts of the Brady twins.

Sorry for doubting Phil, but I am a Skeptic


Anonymous said...

Which part are you skeptical about? The part about them being twins or the part where Phil isn't the evil one?

Anonymous said...

Oh! I rember that part of the movie! I was about to be scared for it but then I remember that ghosts do not exist. Phil and Richard proved that with their apparition on that movie!