Thursday 4 June 2009

I’m supporting Simon Singh too

I’m sure all of us in the sceptical and scientific community were heartened today by Simon Singh’s decision to appeal. The number of great articles and blogs I have read today have also buoyed me. I don’t feel that I can really add much more to the details of the case than has already been done by at least the following blogs and articles:

The Guardian
The Times
The Independent
Bad Astronomy
Jack of Kent

So rather than retype the facts of the case I wanted to impress a few thoughts on the wider implications of the case and echo my support for Simon.

The freedom to make valid scientific criticisms of any method or theory is how science advances its understanding. If an invalid theory, or worse still, an ideology, is allowed to hide behind illiberal libel laws rather then scientific analysis of the criticisms; science, truth, and knowledge are all in danger.

Simon therefore stands up to the greater principles at stake here by attempting to appeal the preliminary decision, but at a potentially immense cost of time, money, resources and stress. Therefore like so many eminent scientists, academics, broadcasters, comedians, writers, journalists and bloggers before me, I just wanted to use my humble blog to simply state that I’m standing right behind Simon with you all. Whatever you need, just ask, we’re ready to fight with you.

If you haven’t already signed the support campaign at sense about science, please do so.

Footage of the Simon Singh Support meeting available here

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