Thursday, 18 February 2010

There’s Probably No …

Last years Atheist Bus Campaign was a great success.

After spotting the bright colourful messages on the sides of buses throughout the country and indeed worldwide, many religious people stopped and thought. Even fundamentalist Christians and Muslims were seen looking at the signs and banging their foreheads with the palm of their hand whilst muttering to themselves “What was I thinking?”

When spelled out in clear friendly letters, even the most credulous of believers can suddenly see the irrationality of their previous ways and have been immediately happy to adopt a more enlightened and scientific worldview.

However, the clear thinking society have recently criticised the campaign for being too specific. “There are numerous popular irrational beliefs out there” a spokesperson for the clear thinking society told me earlier today, “The Atheist Bus Campaign has missed a trick by not also highlighting these fallacies”.

In preparation for electronic LCD advertising spaces on buses, the clear thinking society have therefore prepared the following, more generic message.

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