Friday, 19 February 2010

Prince Charles Declares a War on the Non-Stupid

The Prince of Wales has never been a man to embrace critical thinking, whether he’s chatting to an aspidistra or promoting his ineffective homeopathic tinctures, he prefers a more nonsensical approach.

“I was once accused of being an ignorant bigoted pillock who takes advantage of his privileged position to spread misinformation”, he told a conference of stooges, “I felt proud of that.”

The Prince who was talking at the annual conference of numpties, fuckwits and plonkers, went on: “I thought, ‘Hang on a moment’. I am an utter cock with no fucking clue what I’m on about and I have no justification whatsoever for my abuse of my fortuitous platform of perceived authority.”

The Prince continued: “However, it might be time to think again and decide would we not be better off discarding the achievements of modern medicine, casting aside the success of all science & technology, abandoning modern welfare and ethics and returning to the pre-enlightened dark ages.”

“We could go back to a world of illiberal morals, vindictive theocratic domination and a joyous plague of superstitions, ignorance and irrationality. Let us dismantle the axis of enlightenment, the schools and universities that spread education, knowledge and understanding and replace them with more arbitrary authority, dogma and myths” urged the Prince who was later sedated and taken home for a nice lie down.
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