Friday, 5 February 2010

Carl Sagan Poster Now Available

A couple of weeks ago, as a tribute to the great Carl Sagan, I posted a mosaic of scientists forming an image of the man himself.

I had lots of comments and emails asking if it would be possible to get a copy of a poster of the image. I have therefore regenerated the image at a much higher resolution, suitable for making into a poster.

The image is too large to place on the blog, and a smaller version renders the mosaic tiles incompressible. I have therefore made a short video.

I have not created this image with a view to mass producing and selling for profit. Merely as a favour to those who originally inquired if they would be able to get one. I do however need to cover production costs and postage and packaging. I’m guessing this will work out at about $20.00 USD all together.

If you would still like a copy of the poster then email me again at:
With “CARL SAGAN POSTER” in the subject. I’ll send you my PayPal details and let you know the exact price once I’ve been to the Post Office to double check everything.

UPDATE: I am only getting a small one off print run of these posters made up. Therefore I'm adding a closing date for orders of 8th March 2010.

FURTHER UPDATE: Offer now closed, but the image file has been donated to the organisers of Carl Sagan Day, where I believe you may be able to win a poster.
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