Monday 6 July 2009

New Wing Opened at the Prince of Woos Hospital

A lot of people berate the Prince of Wales as a flappy eared sack of shite; nonetheless, it’s good to give credit, where credit is due. For example, the numb-nuts cretin himself recently opened the new wing of the Prince of Woos hospital. Much to the annoyance of local quacks and charlatans, the new wing will specialise in offering science based medicine as a complementary treatment to its vast selection of popular existing therapies.

The opening of the new wing went ahead successfully despite protests from outraged pretty ladies in nice floral dresses claiming that the new wing would be offering medicine that was based on proven randomised, placebo controlled double blind clinical trials. The protestors formed a cordon of negative energy around the new wing to prevent access, which to their dismay had no effect whatsoever.

Talking at a recent press conference the Prince told a begonia that: “A lot of people berate me for being a flappy eared sack of shite” before he was unfortunately punched in the balls by a clumsy well wisher. A spokesman for the Prince of Woos Hospital Dr Goldacre commented that he “thought it was probably a bit more complicated than that”.


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Neuroskeptic said...

You left out Morgue A, Morgue B, Overflow Morgue C, and Extra Overflow Morgue D. (All full).

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

I thank you for the news
that the Prince-o-woos
has balls in which to be bruised!