Thursday 2 July 2009

Crispian Jago: Godless Media Slag

I’m a little bemused that the fact my children are attending a summer camp that promotes science, critical thinking and philosophy rather than religious indoctrination, should make the news. However seeing has it has, I felt like I should do my bit to continue to raise public awareness, and have therefore been a bit of a media whore. Here’s some TV and radio clips from recent news items:

First of all here's an extract from BBC South Today.

Incidentally, I did a 20-minute interview where I discussed science, critical thinking, logical fallacies, philosophy, the origins of morality and ways of evaluating pseudoscientific and paranormal claims and alternative medicines. However, they chose to just edit me down to a short 20 second clip of me struggling to reel off a load of random religions. And I forgot to mention Muslims. Never mind though, because I thought it was a much more balanced piece than the article in the Sunday Times.

Following the news items, I was asked to do a couple of BBC Radio interviews, so I have uploaded an mp3 recording of these for your listening pleasure.

First radio Interview this morning was with Anne Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire and also featured Richard Craig from Camp Quest UK. Anne had a clear prejudice in favour of religious based camps so I tried my hardest to not release the mic and get as much in as possible. Anne seemed aghast at the idea of a “Godless” camp, so my advice to anyone who bumps into Anne Diamond would be to shout “I’m Godless” at her as loudly as possible, as its likely to spook the bejezus out of her.

The second interview of the day was BBC Radio Solent, whose presenter, Steve Harris took a much more even-handed approach. I didn’t fully notice until I played it back that he kept referring to me as Christian rather than Crispian, so I never corrected him. Anyway, I liked his phone-in question: “Should parents be allowed to force their religion on to their children?” An alternative view was also presented by their resident “Thought for the day” equivalent speaker, who sounded to be fair and reasonable sort of chap. Although after he explained how his children have not adopted his faith I suspect there was some truth behind his tongue in cheek comment that he wished there was a way to force your beliefs upon your children. I’ve also included a few listeners who rang in. Such topics inevitably induce a number of misinformed Christians whose cages are notoriously easy to rattle to phone in to make their familiar old bleats.

I'm also expecting an article in Saturday's Mail, as the photographer came round yesterday for a photoshoot, I'll add the links when available


Carmen D'Cruz said...

What a patronising cow "/Hopefully/ it didn't spoil your enjoyment"

Would it be inappropriate to say you have a very good looking wife?

I want a "Godless" t-shirt.

Crispian Jago said...

Thanks Carmen

Zeno said...

Well done, Crispian! I'm sure your kids will thoroughly enjoy themselves while learning how to think for themselves (although I'm sure they already do that!).

Paul S. Jenkins said...

I'm still finding it hard to believe that the first UK Camp Quest is news. I suppose it just shows up the entrenched god-assumptions that pervade this nation.

But your interview responses treated this "news" as if it was the most natural thing in the world - which I think is the right approach.

(BTW, next time you need a clip from BBC South Today, let me know in advance and I'll DVR it, and save you having to record off your TV screen!)

Crispian Jago said...

Cheers PaulJ

Always happy to my my bit to promote free thought, although I expect the churnalists will be moving on to some other non news story now.