Monday 19 September 2011

Teach The Controversy?


Brian Clegg said...

I can't resist pointing out that you've used another of the incorrect iconic science images - are you working through them? See

Crispian Jago said...


I was wondering if you'd comment on that. Great post by Frank on those five incorrect size images BTW.

jordi francesch said...

Some time ago I wanted to write a comment from this side of the world. Some time ago I discovered your post and so assiduously, the queries to find ideas for my blog I just started. My goal is to show the world through maps, or the like. Describe the history, the human error, science, curiosities, making use of maps speak for themselves. We have very good examples of how to create images to tell, or the evolution of man, the best movies or the world upside down. Congratulations on your blog and good luck.
jordi francesch

Crispian Jago said...


Thanks for the comment. Sounds like you have a good goal