Wednesday 5 January 2011

Hello, I'm an Atheist: Morals

I thought I'd plunder Apple's "Get a Mac" campaign for my own miscreant ends.


Anonymous said...

Panel five sounds like most of the christians I know.

And Panel three sounds like quite a few atheists.

Was the irony intended?

Sais said...

Ooh - I see a series here. "I'm an atheist. And I'm a Muslim" ... "I'm an atheist. And I'm a Thor-worshipper" .... :>

Anonymous said...

Just for you, little traitors…


we're this far from nuking all of you....

the X-MAS vacuum cleaner for the atheists....

shermer, randi, myers, pz, dawkins, harris

why does everyone always want to PUNCH you, shermer?


Zoe said... don't actually talk to Christians very often, do you?

I'm a Christian, & I really like the skeptics in the pub idea - haven't made it to one yet because I keep having calendar clashes!

Good luck to you anyhow.

alecmuffett said...

Hi Zoe,

Amongst my closest friends, one is a lay reader in the CoE, licensed to preside over funerals and so forth; and her husband is a former evangelical, they're both strong in faith, etc etc...

Me, I am a Dawkins-style "tooth-fairy atheist".

We've been best of friends for more than 20 years, and yet I occasionally still get into these over-a-shot-of-whisky arguments, with her husband, who submits that because I believe in no God that somehow I can't have a moral framework.

I haven't lost yet, but I've not won, either; my friends know I am moral, but that I make advanced moral choices without having to cite a big book of godstories does occasionally disturb some of them.

That's (also) what the cartoon is lampooning.

bliss_infinte said...

heh - funny, entertaining and true.

Dan G Swindles said...

This is brilliant. That Brian Cox gets better and better

I've had a similar argument with an old housemate who was Christian

It's horrendous to think that the only reason you'd behave decently is because you think you'll be punished otherwise. My housemate just didn't get why that was a dickish thing to think.

What, there really isn't a god? Well in that case I'm gonna go out and rape some kids.

Come to think of it, that may explain a few things, looking at you Catholic Church!

Actually, that's probably not what happened. It's a lot more complex than that

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that Haggard would turn down the chance of a date with Cox.