Sunday 16 May 2010

Skeptic Trumps: Stephen Fry

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Anonymous said...

Needs update, weapons of choice now include the iPad. Dan G, norwich

Ligularian said...

Joy. Cheered me greatly since discovering that slugs have eaten my broad beans.

david marlowe said...

He helped with the noose
carved her heart loose from americana
to devon......and
made her the study tree
She sat there forever
with her ghosts
and memories of bees and keepers
and disease.......
her father's foot rotting
So she sat there forever
or at least four hours still
till the wind shook her window
and the elm tree tricked
showers of memories
charged through her hand
and wrote out her path
three months hence and snow
But she was once eight
and otto sat with her table
and ted was a bear with an ear missing
unlike the real thing
who never listened at all
and now we are full
at this witching table
a lazy lament on life and death
built by ted's own hand

a cold helm
this elm table.

Anonymous said...

My comment pertains to this reply.

Anonymous said...

Needs update, weapons of choice now include the iPad. Dan G, norwich

17 May 2010 12:28

If you look on Twitter, Stephen Fry tweeted about himself being on this page and provided a link. Funny thing is.. the tweet was done on:

17 May 2010 approx. 12:15
(compare the date & time)

So I'll bet you my bottom last freaking dollar the anon post was him. :)

Anonymous said...

Or, perhaps more likely, Stephen's partner Daniel Green, who one presumes lives in Norwich - as Stephen does?

Anonymous said...

wikipedia says the name of Stephen Frys partner is Daniel Cohen.. But I think you're right last 2 Anonymous'. So sweat SF wrote ''Dan G'' as one of his Weapens of choice<3

Neil Davies said...

I'm going with coincidence ;) lol