Wednesday 26 May 2010

Skeptic Trumps: Philip Pullman

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Jason said...

These are all spectacular, in both iterations.

Have you ever considered doing an opposition team of Woo-Meister Trumps? I recently saw a pretty good looking profile of William Lane Craig that reminded me of these, and I immediately thought that making it into an actual playable Magic-esque card game, or at least having a set of foes would be great fun.

I realize that the libel laws in the UK have not yet been corrected, but at least with Singh's decision being on file, there would be a bit of precedent for a Fair Comment defense, should any of the quacks take exception.

Perhaps Jack of Kent could advise..

Regardless, great work to you and Neil, mate.

Virtual Sound said...

Error on the card: the first novel in the "His Dark Materials" was The Golden Compass