Wednesday 26 May 2010

False Idols

It seems to me that Skeptics, Atheists and Rational thinkers have become so organised of late, that many people are mistaking us for an organised religion.

Those who prefer to understand the world through the arbitrary revealed wisdom of the self-conceived deities of their specific cultural past, seem to assume that the coalescing freethinkers who take a more evidenced-based approach to their understanding, afford the same degree of worship and idolatry to their methods and pioneers.

If we did, I probably wouldn’t even go for a scientist, I’d get me one of these …

I know I'm a day late but, Happy Towel day.


elbuho said...

Spot on!

Grania said...

Ooh, heresy! you can't be describing him as the False anything when he is so clearly the One Truth.

Happy Belated Towel Day.

Michael Kingsford Gray said...