Wednesday 5 May 2010

Skeptic Trumps: Kylie Sturgess

Click Here for the full deck of cards (New cards added daily-ish)
Get your own personalised caricature by Neil Davies


Podblack said...

How lovely! :D I honestly thought I'd be last off the deck, this is very flattering. :) I will make an effort to pose with an Amy-Winehouse-Hairstyle (minus, of course, the need for rehab) if people show me the card. :D

Neil Davies said...

I hope you don't mind the really-not-very-good picture, I struggled to get a good likeness for some reason.

Sean Wright said...

Excellent. One wishes there was a facility for printing the cards

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

Had you (Neil) considered a faux Mona Lisa style presentation, in order to obtain a superior likeness?
I think that Kylie would render well as La Gioconda. ;)

Volk said...

Still think it looks like Ross Noble

Podblack said...

Just as well I find Ross Nobel hot, interesting and very damned clever, right Volk? ;) I doubt he's as fleet-footed on the dance floor however!

Well, I plan on heading to the UK again, probably next year - and you'll find that I'm not _exactly_ a da Vinci, but I am very good at the 'knowing smile'. :)

Volk said...

Ross is witty and interesting and yes clever. I am referring to just the caricature in terms of looks similarity ;-p Not sure about the dance skills. I am sure the knowing smile will work well in UK, have fun Kylie.

Michael Kingsford Gray said...

"...and you'll find that I'm not _exactly_ a da Vinci, but I am very good at the 'knowing smile'. :)"

I find the resemblance to Mona Lisa quite startling.
Take a butcher's hook at this:
Lisa & Kylie side-by-side!