Wednesday 17 March 2010

Next Winchester SitP moved to Thursday 1st April 2010

The next Winchester SitP has been put back a week and will now be held on Thursday 1st April 2010, when we are very pleased to have Deborah Hyde talking about Cultural & Physiological aspects of the religious and superstitious experience. Answering questions like:

When do the dead chew in their graves?
Why do vampires strike in autumn?
Why do ghosts live in electric clocks?

Deborah Hyde who has been writing about the folklore of the macabre for eighteen years. Her book, ‘Unnatural Predators’ will be published this year. She blogs on belief in the supernatural as ‘Jourdemayne’, but often suffers from mission creep. Her daytime, grown-up job is a makeup effects coordinator in the film industry – more vampires and zombies, then.


Daniel Pope said...

Is this a satire? I don't get it.

DM said...

add some comment moderation to your blasphemy blog...