Tuesday 5 February 2013

A long time ago in a Cyberspace far far away…

With the recent demise of high street giants like Jessops, Blockbusters, HMV and Comet it's hard to understand how traditional businesses can compete with high-tech e-commerce companies.

The premises of high street retail outlets provide huge overheads, how much more so then would the extensive running costs of a Sandcrawler effect enterprising Jawas.

Indeed the Jawa business plan sketched out by George Lucas may have looked perfectly sound in 1977, but to todays internet savvy magnate must look laughably unfeasible.

To survive in a technological age the Jawas will need to adapt.

BTW You may need to open the images in a separate window to read them properly.

But it's far worse than that.

Despite the fact that sound cannot travel in the vacuum of space, most of us are happy to accept that Tie Fighters make a jolly impressive noise as they whizz past. But some things are less easy to accept.

Are we really meant to believe that an ancient galactic civilisation once mastered interstellar space flight, the jump to light speed, laser guns and moon sized battle stations before they had perfected basic social media usage?

Why would Princess Leia bother to take the plans for the Death Star to Alderaan by hand when all she needed to do was simply share them on Reddit so the rest of the Rebel Alliance could access and analyse them.
And why give yourself away on an intercom, when you can simply send a text message without emoticons.
and could Lord Vader make it that high up in the Galactic Empire without a LinkedIn profile.
Furthermore,  why would Luke be sat with his Aunt and Uncle when he could be in his room facebooking them from his laptop.
Finally,  if Vader was that desperate to disclose Luke's parentage to him, why not just send him an email.


DM said...
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Peter martin said...

If you strike me down, I will return funnier than you can possibly imagine..

Thomas Meyers said...

Both insurrection and interrogation are missing their second R. I'm sure Darth knows his Rs from his elbows.. Ho ho ho. You also used the Cardinal sin of your instead of you're in your more recent blog post about the apprentice Pope. I only offer pedantry because all else is perfect, and I've noted how you dislike an error!