Tuesday 28 February 2012

Winchester Skeptics: 29th Feb - Prof. Sophie Scott on Faulty Memories

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Anonymous said...

I am very glad to see a sceptical organisation flourishing in one of the 2 great counties of England, (Kent of course being the other) but find it hard to accept that we must always seek to denigrate those with whom we do not agree.

Militant humanism is as fundementalist as those with Christian or Islamic beliefs - you never here of fundementalist buddhist terrorism do you!

I am unbaptised, rarely think of the hereafter, but when, as I have been, faced with a ruthless enemy on the battlefield, I have found it immensely comforting to have a quick pray, Just in case I am wrong.

A proper sceptic should have a healthy dose of disbelief in both sides of the argument, Professor Dawkins would be the first to agree that science fact are just what haven't been proved wrong yet... Yet he is determined he is right on religion... thats just bad scientific rigour. Failing that pick up a rifle, join the line and then see if you don't need just a little belief in your life... just for a moment.