Wednesday 22 September 2010

A Sign from God?

It appears as though the UK Highways Agency have heeded the warnings of the inherent dangers associated with irrational beliefs highlighted by the recent Protest the Pope rally.

The following new road signs have been designed to be placed on public highways near places of worship or irrational religious gatherings where other road users are at risk of a collision with nonsense.


jaclong said...

I bet if they were available as little stickers you'd find they would appear all over the place.
Rather like these appeared on lots of walls around London recently.

Neuroskeptic said...

The Scientology one is best. Love the cute little Thetans.

Jimbobthomas said...

Stickers is a great idea. May we have stickers please Crispian, please?

Anonymous said...

The "No Free Thought" sign needs a diagonal red bar in it, I think.

Otherwise, the signs are pretty good. I like the creationist one.


Unknown said...

I think
They have a sense of humor...

The gospel will keep marching forward no matter what.