Friday 17 September 2010

The Pod Delusion Live

The Pod Delusion celebrated its first birthday by recording a live podcast at London Skeptics in the Pub on Monday 13th September 2010. The live performance seemed to be awfully well received, so I suspect there may well be another one at some point.

In the meantine, here's a quick video of me stumbling through an unrehearsed recital of my papal poem from an old blog post.

Or better still, visit the Pod Delusion Web Site and download the special edition extended podcast of the evening presented as usual by James O'Malley and featuring: Jon Treadway, Naomi Philips, Liz Lutgendorff, Sean Ellis, Martin Robbins, Alex Foster, Will Howells, Me, Milton Mermikides, Carmen D'Cruz and John Gregson.

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