Wednesday 4 November 2009

God Spam

It’s most frustrating when my inbox’s fills up with emails offering me the best deals on little blue pills or informing me that I need to buy some herbal magic to make my cock bigger. In fact, not only is it frustrating, it’s a bloody nuisance. I have to waste my time and effort sifting through my emails looking for important stuff and often missing useful information or have genuine emails mistakenly junked by my spam filters.

Although I like to promote my blog, I ensure I only pimp it to a target audience of people who have opted to follow me on Twitter or are Facebook friends. As I do not want my inbox filling up with unsolicited messages about blogs I am not interested in, I think it inconsiderate to spam other people at random with the hope of spreading the good news of science, reason and critical thinking.

Sadly many others don’t show such consideration and rather bizarrely, I’ve recently been getting an increasing amount of unwelcomed Christian spam. It started off with spam emails offering the services of Christian dating sites. With the implied pious emphasis on meeting more genuine and decent people on a Christian dating site.

Then I started getting spam emails about Christian debt consolidation services. Again with the implied emphasis that they can offer a much better deal to a moral trustworthy upstanding Christian than they can to the heathen population at large.

Then this morning I got some Christian spam offering me great deals on a selection of new bibles. I am now regularly receiving considerable quantities of extremely poorly targeted nuisance, sanctimonious God spam in my inbox.

Perhaps these emails originate from habitual generic spammers with no care for the content of their message, sent on behalf of dodgy companies wishing to exploit a Christian marketplace who are perceived as being more likely to purchase a product or service emblazed with the logo of their chosen deity.

Or perhaps the spam has originated from a religious community so blinded by their ideology and anxious to spread their word and fill their coffers that they fail to see the immorality in spamming their nonsense to the disinterested.

Either way, I wish they’d pack it in.


AndyN said...

It's probably not helped by the fact that every article in your RSS feed has your email address in it.

Ooops :-)

James Cranch said...

Solid point... I hate to lower the tone, but you mean "coffers" in the penultimate paragraph.

Keep up the good work!

Crispian Jago said...

Thanks James, and congrats for being the first to spot the typo in todays blog.

MattJ said...

Maybe God has learned and adapted and is trying to reach you through the internet. He did invent it after all.

What you call spam is nothing more than a 21st century gospel, God is trying to open your mind to righteous debt management and a holy path to health and happiness. Back in the day, Jesus cured the blind and the lame. 21st Century God has adapted and has turned his miraculous powers to discounted cures for erectile dysfunction, yours for only $99.99.

Come judgment day, the righteous will have spotless credit records, virtuous spouses, bibles in a variety of attractive bindings and phallus' you could play cricket with. Pity then the heathens!

Jack said...

Unfortunately spammers found that there is a segment of our society that lights up when the word Christian is mentioned. That qualifies anything they sell, and too many people are gullible

Johnnie said...

That'll be "typo in today's blog" then.