Friday 27 November 2009

Come Together: Pod Delusion, Lay Science & Skepchicken

As you probably know I am an habitual contributor to the excellent Pod Delusion Podcast. My involvement was somewhat fortuitous, I just happened to be watching my twitter feed when James O’Malley sent out a tweet requesting volunteers to contribute some material.

The Podcast certainly seems to have been quite well received. I noticed we are on the New and Noteworthy front page of iTunes, and today Shalinee Singh sent me that attached snap from Time Out London who have bestowed upon us the honour of “Podcast Of The Week”. This week's is especially good BTW, even though I’m not on it and we’ve had to resort to interviewing the crazy atheist bus lady.

Anyway, all of the contributors to the Pod Delusion bring something to the table, and while we have a connected broad philosophy, we can all bring a bit of originality and different perspectives and ideas to the podcast. However, without demeaning any individual contributor, I suspect it would be hard for any one person to cover the diverse section of subjects in such detail on a weekly basis, as we are able to accomplish as a group.

This model is also now followed by the excellent Lay Science blog. Despite the success of Martin Robbins as a solo blogger, I’ll wager his new format with multiple writers allows him to reach the parts other science blogs just can't reach.

Perhaps I’m a bit late in realising this method, but it seems to me that one of the secrets to the successful promotion of Science, Reason and Critical thinking is to work together with like-minded people. However, there’s one great skeptical website that worked this out ages ago, screen shot of their blog below. [Click image to embiggen]


Paul S. Jenkins said...

I like The Pod Delusion, but perhaps all you contributors could club together and buy James a new microphone. I don't think the tin cans and string he currently uses are quite up to the job.

(Disclaimer — I'm currently about three weeks behind with my podcast-listening, so for all I know this might already have happened.)

DE said...

The recording standard is actually improving.