Sunday, 1 November 2009

Jenny McCarthy: Body Count - Video

Derek Bartholomaus' excellent web site does a superb job of outlining the harm caused by the anti-vaccination rhetoric spouted by Jenny McCarthy.

I've cobbled together the following video to highlight some of the key information taken from Derek's "Jenny McCarthy Body Count" web site and Dr. Steven Novella's blog post regarding vaccines and autism.

You could argue that, like Jenny McCarthy, I am not suitably qualified to comment on the efficacy and dangers associated with vaccines. That's why I base my opinions on scientific evidence and the vast overall medical expertise supporting the use of vaccines rather than relying on my "daddy" instinct and anecdotal cases based on confusion of causation and correlation.

Music is by Santana, and is owned or licensed by Sony Music Entertainment and as a result this video will not be available in Germany, but I've used it anyway as I thought it was a jolly good fit.
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