Thursday 24 September 2009

TIM London

There’s only a week to go before the start of TAM London. Unfortunately many people may not be able to attend The Amazing Meeting in London as tickets for the event sold out within the first hour of going on sale. However, fear not, for those unable to attend TAM London, there’s plenty of spaces left at TIM London.

Click to enlarge screenshot of the TIM London website.

Special thanks to Derren Brown for auditioning for TIM London last week.


Andy said...

You mean Brown didn't qualify??? You must have some pretty powerful woo happening there if he didn't even scrape through with his "wisdom of the crowd" nonsense.

Off topic - what font did you use on your Darwin Toast "critical thinking" image? Please.

Crispian Jago said...

I did the "Darwin Toast" logo in Comic Book on my Mac using the font Lint McCree Intl BB

Martin said...

It just won't be the same without Noel Edmonds attending this year.

VicHoon said...

This is bollocks. Any irrational meeting that omits shouty Jenni Barnett isn't worth going to.