Saturday 19 September 2009

The Pod Delusion

The Pod Delusion is a new podcast about interesting things from a sort of Guardianista world view. The pilot episode is now available and features articles on the following:

Gordon Brown's use of language by Dr Simon Howard
Product Placement on TV by Duncan Stephen
Conspiracy Theories on TV by the shows creator and host, James O'Malley
School Academies by Misty
The New Darwin Centre by me
and Derren Brown's recent TV mind-fuckery by Will Howells

future episodes will no doubt feature more stuff by some people

Or click here and select the iTunes link to download to your iPod.


Anonymous said...

very interesting...only a slightly pedantic point to make to duncan Shephen...sticky back plastic was a sheet (A4 size-ish) of plastic that you covered things wasn't cellotape.......

SilentMewesDNG said...

Did I really just happen across something at the beginning?

After coming to the SGU about 2 years late and just discovering RSS feeds today, this is truly a treat.