Saturday, 5 March 2011

Offensive Census Campaign Posters?

I was very disappointed to see that the Census Campaign posters intended for railway stations this month have been rejected by the rail companies who feared the risk of offending people.

I'm not quite sure what is "offensive" about these posters, but as luck would have it I don't actually subscribe to religions carefully honed "easily offended" subterfuge myself. I have no such restrictions. So here's my poster.I will however be looking out for the buses with the redeveloped slogan and I'm especially looking forward to seeing the first grumpy Christian bus driver who refuses to drive it.

BTW I'm sure you knew anyway, but the quote is from Paul Heinrich Dietrich, Baron d'Holbach. Although I may have tweaked it slightly.


Here's another poster I received from @seroma made by the @HantsHumanists:

Here a couple more from:

Tim McGregor's Musings of a lapsed Pagan:

and another from @Tetenterre
Keep 'em coming and I'll post them here.
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