Friday 12 November 2010

Oprah Winfrey: Bullshit Flow Diagram

A few weeks ago I posted an Alternative Medicine Flow Chart. Although I am a software engineer by trade, I very rarely actually use flow charts. I have however spent an awful lot of time attempting to model systems using more structured systems design techniques, and am therefore far more likely to use an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) or a Data Flow Diagram (DFD).

So here's a quick Bullshit Flow Diagram (BFD) using Gane-Sarson-Notation crudely modelling the flow of bullshit around the most successful bullshit processing system I could think of.

So first off, a context diagram, showing the overall system and its data interactions with external entities:

Next, a level 1 diagram showing the flow of data within the main processes of the system.

Then a would draw a level 2 diagram, but I suspect the joke has already worn too thin, and anyway David Attenborough is on the telly in a minute, so bugger it.


Ricardohere said...

Hmmm - I feel a bit of UML coming on...

Nice 8o)

Tony Lloyd said...

I think you had it with the first diagram!

Mr. Wisdumb said...

Love the chart... I think you need to make a Deepak chart now.

jre said...

Hmmm ... "Shitehawks"?
Don't think we have that term in Murcan.
From context, I'm guessing those are vendors of dubious merchandise.

Of whom we have quite a few.

I'm going to make a point of working "shitehawk" into conversation sometime soon; nothing like expanding the cultural boundaries.