Saturday 14 August 2010

Skeptic Trumps: Vicki Hyde

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bazza said...

I am so happy to have found this blog, Crispian. I have had a good read and added it to my list of goodies!
I particularly enjoyed the 'alternative' table of elements. So clever.

Vicki Hyde said...

Gosh, I was stunned when presented with my Trumps card on stepping down as NZ Skeptics Chair-entity after 17 years (my committee are connivers of the First Order :-).

I'm not sure what impressed my kids more -- being in the same group as Stephen Fry or Adam Savage. I'm certainly humbled to be in such company and regard many on the list as personally inspirational (the rest will soon be, once I learn about them, I'm sure).

Thanks for the pat on the back -- sometimes after the 5,000th polite response to a believer in psychic crime-solving, it can be hard to remember that first flush of enthusiasm and optimism. This sort of thing really does help.

All the best,
Vicki Hyde
Quondam Chair-entity, NZ Skeptics

Anonymous said...

If this is you, I don't like how you stated this at all, concerning Santa Claus! Spokesperson Vicki Hyde said, "It would be a hard-hearted parent indeed who frowned upon the innocent joys of our children's cultural heritage. We save our bah humbugs for the things that exploit the vulnerable."[100] It can also be advocated that, although Santa Claus isn't real, the Christmas spirit is real. Well you are entitled to believe as you wish woman! And thats fine if you believe in Santa Claus, thats you. But don't be telling good Christian parents they are hard hearted, because they love there children enough to not tell the deception of Santa Claus and protect them form Satan, and what gives you the right to say I have instilled what God has shown me as evil! I don't want my children dealing with this stuff! You need to respect my belief in Christ and don't criticize Gods will!

Anonymous said...

Hi vicky, to continue - what do you think about James Randi's live in lover being arrested for identity theft and he may also have been a minor when Randi took him in?