Saturday, 16 May 2009

The Skeptics Strike Back

Click each page to Enlarge.

Notes & Credits:

Whilst searching the internet for a good copy of DaVinci’s Last Supper on which to apply my childish Photoshopping techniques I spotted that someone had already done it. As I’m not a fan of nugatory work I used the pre-existing version that must therefore be credited to Halfmooner

The same is true of the 4 Horseman image, which must be credited to this source

All other images I have photoshopped myself, although I have of course failed to obtain any permission, working on the premise that “It is far easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission”

Hopefully it does need saying, but this particular post, unlike my other posts, is not a fair representation of my actual views. It’s just for comic effect and I obviously don’t see things as the black and white battle depicted by this blog. I also appreciate that atheism and scepticism are independent ideas and do not have to be combined as this comic suggests.

Anyway enough excuses, hope you liked the comic.
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