Monday 11 June 2018

Better Things for Christians to be Offended By

I’ve written on this blog before about my frustration with the recurrent religious practice of taking offence and claiming persecution as a mechanism for avoiding valid criticism and debate of bigoted, outdated and frequently hateful beliefs. Although not wishing to target moderate religious believers who wisely update their opinions in the light of more recent knowledge and wisdom, alas many extremely unhelpfully opinions still persist in more fundamental Christian minds due to the inability of the belief’s iron age authors to include a suitable mechanism for improvement and correction for a set of heterosexual and patriarchal predispositions that were sadly popular at the time. We’ve therefore probably all witnessed a Christian getting unnecessary irate over something wholly innocuous or inconsequential whilst not being overly concerned about far more serious issues that failed to trouble the privileged minds of their religion’s ancient architects.

Rather than once again bemoan this trait of taking offence at pointless prejudices, I thought I try instead to propose an alternative and related notion that might actually be worth taking offence about instead.

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