Thursday 14 June 2012

Whoops a Gaysey

It’s a good job that established religions were delivered to humanity in a divinely dictated manual and not just made up to suit the personal agendas of self appointed ancient do-gooders. 

Imagine the ignorant prejudices, fears and superstitions that would be embedded in current culture and tradition if that were not the case.

We may well have ended up a couple of thousands years down the line with ceremonies, rituals and hierarchies that proudly discriminate on the grounds of gender and sexuality established on the mere thoughtless whim of our more charismatic ancestors and upheld by their subsequent administrators keen to maintain their unquestionable power and authority.

It is therefore most reassuring to comfort ourselves with the knowledge that the alleged sexuality chauvinism of our cherished marriage ritual is in fact the perceived will of a disinterested supernatural deity and not just a parochial remnant of Bronze Age thinking.

This being the case it is no surprise that the conservative wing of the Church of England seem so anxious to cling to a status quo that looks a tad untenable to 21st century liberal minds. Although their Church officially rolled over and conceded both geocentricism and evolution by natural selection, the remaining hardcore of staunch religionists are keen to ensure that their Church remains the last official bastion of unashamed homophobia.

After gathering their thoughts in an attempt to justify their traditionalist stance they have opted instead to answer the current wave of unwanted secular coercion with alarmist threats of implosion, apparently completely failing to anticipate the retorted secular chorus of “Bring it on”.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for the church's proposal of "one man, one woman for life" as long as they start enforcing it.

Apologies to all my divorced friends. I'll visit you in prison.

Neuroskeptic said...

The Church are only doing what Christ told them to. After all, didn't he say: "Upon this cock, I will build my church - so long as you don't use it to be gay."

Oh wait, no he didn't.