Thursday 12 January 2012

I Am A Centrefold

I’ve been offered a most excellent gig by those lovely people at The Skeptic Magazine.

A while ago I cobbled together an Alt-Med flowchart to enable the budding Alt Med junkie to select an appropriate pointless therapy.

A new and improved version of this diagram now nestles proudly in the centre of the latest issue of the Skeptic magazine, where you can rip it out and stick it on your wall, if your so inclined.

You can purchase the magazine here. However I will be producing regular centrefolds for future editions of the magazine so why not subscribe?


Neuroskeptic said...

Ooooh. Well done. But don't neglect the blog...

Rachel Sentes said...

Apologies for using your comment section, but I couldn't find contact information for you and thought you might be interested in our client's book.

While fans of the popular television show, the X-Files, may be surprised, one of its former stars feels a more appropriate tagline for fans should be “Don’t Believe.”

William B. Davis – best known for his role as the iconic villain, “The Smoking Man” in the series – has been a confirmed skeptic for many years, making his participation in the series particularly interesting.

Now Canadian actor, director, and producer William B. Davis has penned a memoir detailing the ups and downs of his career, and the incredible impact the X-Files world has had on his life. In his compelling new memoir, “Where There’s Smoke: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man,” Davis documents his life from his experiences as a young actor all the way up to his iconic X-files role.

Skilfully weaving frank and honest discussions of his personal life with his professional journey as an actor, director and teacher, Davis can now add ‘compelling writer’ to his long list of accomplishments.

The new book is available through ECW Press, or Davis’ website, Review copies are also available for press inquiries through gal-friday publicity.