Sunday 24 July 2011

More Videos Demonstrating How Homeopathy Doesn't Work

Some of you may recall that just under a couple of years ago I posted a short video on this blog entitled: If Homeopathy Works … I'll Drink My Own Piss.

I received a comment on YouTube about that video today from powerm1985, and a link to some of his own videos. After checking them out, I wanted to share them here, so here's a few more videos demonstrating why homeopathy is a big bag of bollocks:

First, "Proving Homeopathy Wrong In Your Kitchen", is a great little science experiment that demonstrates that there is NOTHING in homeopathic remedies:

And, this Bleach drinking video is very reminiscent of my own piss drinking video, although I'm told it was made prior to seeing my video, so I'll put it down to great minds thinking alike.

Incidentally when I planned my original video I was intending to use bleach, but changed to piddle at the last minute as I thought drinking piss was slightly more amusing than bleach.

BTW, There lots more great science videos on his YouTube Channel, well worth checking out. I couldn't help but notice use of a sonic screwdriver at one point too.


John Jameson said...

I was chatting with some guys over a beer at QED and we talked about importing homeopathic heroin. Don't hide it, even go through something to declare. Either we'd get prosecuted, and they'd have to prove that there was a single molecule in what we were carrying. They wouldn't be able to and so we'd get a legal ruling that there's nothing in these remedies. Or they'd let us go through, less dramatic but proving same thing. Alas, like so many ideas after a few beers nothing came of it.

Neuroskeptic said...

That is a genius idea.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but you did not demonstrate "homeopathy does not work"
In fact you demonstrate homeopathy does not change pH ...
Lots of things "work" without changing pH: magnets, light, gravity ...

Tony Lloyd said...


Point 1:
Lots of things "work" without receiving a signal: magnets, light, gravity, cars, antibiotics.

Despite that, if I show that a radio doesn't receive a signal then I've demonstrated that the radio doesn't work. Radio's do work by receiving signals.

And acids do "work" by altering pH. So the video nicely shows that homeopathic acid fails to act as an acid.

Point 2:

X may have lots of possible functions, "A", "B" and "C". To demonstrate that X doesn't work you may have to demonstrate that it fails to perform each of those functions.

You argue against a demonstration that X fails to produce A by saying "oh well, it might do B and C!".

Of course, if C were debunked you could say "it might do A and B!". Or if B debunked you could claim A and C. Unless all effects are debunked at one time you can pursue your diversionary tactic.

And homeopathy fails to achieve an infinite number of effects: so it can never be shown all at once that it fails to do fuck all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tony. As I was reading, I was waiting for the 'straw man' from the homeopaths. Thanks for sitting them down so succinctly.