Monday 4 April 2011

Night and Day: The Spectator Arts Blog

I’ve had great fun this last week masquerading as a writer.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been longlisted for the Orwell Prize, Britain’s most prestigious prize for political writing. The shortlist will be announced on the 26th April and will no doubt weed out pretenders like myself. Still, that gives me just over 3 weeks to go on about it, and I do intend to go on about it quite a bit.

I was also terribly pleased to be asked to write a Spotify Sunday playlist for the Night and Day Blog. For those unfamiliar with Spotify Sunday, it’s a sort of Desert Island Discs affair in the Spectator where guests select a number of songs that can be listened to via Spotify and garnished with a few choice words on their blog.

So here’s my Spotify Sunday article for The Spectator.

Admittedly my music blog has being lying dormant for the last year or so whilst I’ve mercilessly pandered to the higher traffic passing through this blog. However I found writing about music again most agreeable, especially being able to select may favourite ditties.

As a self-published blogger who has never written anything for money, with the exception of technical documentation in my professional capacity, it seemed a little strange having my words pass through an editor. I have no qualms with my editor, I’m perfectly happy that some of my thoughts need a bit of tidying up, and I accept that my choice of language may need to be tempered for a wider audience.

I was therefore perfectly happy that the phrase:
… emerging from Saturday night TV “talent” shows
to replace my original:
… shat from the arsehole of Saturday night TV “talent” shows.
although given the subject matter, I think my original was perfectly apt.

Anyway, I do hope to get the opportunity to do a bit more music blogging again, especially if The Spectator are happy to have me back to write an album review. I promise not to swear too much.

Did I mention I’ve been longlisted for the Orwell Prize?


Ed said...

Blimey! The day job must pay well.
The pro bono satisfaction received will be rewarded in heaven (other afterlife choices available).
Am tempted to pose as a literary agent and cut you a deal but nurse says time for a nap.
Anyway, this old bloke highly amused again.

Simon Mason said...

Crispian, It was a wonderful Spotify Sunday and a real pleasure to host..And, yes we'd love to have you back to do a album review or two.

PS sorry about the editing, but we do have standards to maintain. We are after all the worlds longest continually published magazine. It's not as if you were posting on some upstart like Staggers :)

Crispian Jago said...

No problem, I appreciate that the Spectator has a far more sophisticated clientele than the riff-raff who patronise and even write for The New Statesman's comedy blogs :-)

Neuroskeptic said...

Fantastic work.

Anonymous said...