Thursday 1 July 2010

Cowell Accused of Failing to Act on Sex Abuse Case

Simon Cowell has joined mounting music industry criticism of the authorities’ treatment of alleged child sex offender, Gary Glitter, during his 3 years incarceration, calling their actions deplorable.

In a message to music industry executives, Cowell expressed solidarity “in this moment of sadness”.

The Music Industry has admitted that several cases of paedophile musicians have been reported to record label executives during the past 20 years. But it is not known how many musicians have subsequently lost their record deals under Pop Law - or how many have been prosecuted by police.

There has been a wave of allegations in the past few months that music executives failed to deal properly with musicians and singers accused of child sex abuse, sometimes just moving them to new bands.

Simon Cowell himself has been accused of being part of a culture of secrecy, and of not taking strong enough steps against paedophile musicians.

As we now live in a multi-genre musical society and more and more people are choosing not to associate themselves with any musical genre at all, there is a growing voice calling for musicians accused of sex abuses to be simply investigated by the police rather than being dealt with by record label bosses.


Harry the Bastard said...

Hah! Excellent. Thought the idea of Cowell-as-music's-Pope depresses the hell out of me, speaking as a musician.

Neuroskeptic said...

Equating Cowell and the Pope...I'm not sure who should feel more insulted.